Integrated Health Care Clinic

Integrated Health Care Clinic Lab and Energetic Testing

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care services including Lab and Energetic Testing.

Lab Testing

The doctors gather information from a variety of laboratory tests and a long list of laboratories.  As members of two laboratory cooperatives they are able to pass significant discounts onto the patients for certain tests.

Some test are within mainstream medicine and you can get reimbursed by your insurance.  Other tests are within the functional medicine realm and not covered by insurance.

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Energetic Testing

There are various methods of energetic testing available at IHC.  A typical visit often incorporates muscle testing using samples in vials containing homeopathic preparations of pathological organisms (nosodes), metals, environmental and industrial chemicals and a variety of foods that can “expose” a sensitivity, toxicity, infection or inflammation site underlying the presenting condition.

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