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I highly recommend Deb. She is kind, caring and a very good listener. I can think of no higher praise. -MWL

Debby Belote is a wonderful person and a wonderful chiropractor. She is kind, thoughtful and extremely talented. In addition to chiropractic, she has advanced skills in the diagnosis and treatment of many kinds of mind and body issues.She has been my chiropractor for many years and is my first choice when I have any sort of health problem. She is always helpful and supportive and I always leave her office feeling better. Thanks Debby! -PT

I've been to many chiropractors in bustling downtown offices, where I've rushed to get to my appointment, only to have to sit and wait to be seen until long after my appointment time. I knew something was different as soon as I pulled into the tranquil setting of Integrated Healthcare. Deb greeted me on time. She spent a lot of time listening to me and then began working to restore my body's balance. Deb's soothing voice allows my body to relax. I don't tense as I did when other chiropractors made adjustments.

I have worked with Deb for almost five years. She has advised me on supplements for my digestion, but only if asked. Deb and Darryl offer a variety of services, but they are never pushed on a client. I am never told I MUST do/try something; instead, Deb will say, "You might want to think about..." Deb has soothed my aching back, neck, and shoulders. She's pinpointed problems with my legs, knees and feet and realigned them.

A short testimonial can't begin to tell you the benefits I receive from working with Deb. Therefore, I am giving Deb permission to give my phone number to any potential clients who may have questions. It would be my pleasure to recommend Deb and Integrated Healthcare. -ES

I took the IHC course offered 1 1/2 years ago and it changed my life. I became aware of a lot of things, slowed down my eating process and felt better within weeks. The tools and directions (also the samples) Daryl and Deb offered allowed me to safely experiment with foods that (at that time) were foreign to me. Finding out which things my body DIDN'T like with their Zyto scan helped me not only avoid those things but to start to connect the dots with my overall healthcare. I was the most hesitant, skeptical student in the room, believe me.

Until that time I was experiencing random, painful swellings on random joints that were red, hot to the touch and so painful I thought I'd go nuts. Sure, I was aware of arthritis in my body, but had no idea that sensitivities to food would help bring these attacks on. Once those stopped, and my digestion got regulated, I was able to determine which things I could eat or drink and how much before feeling that old familiar itching, nasal discharge or swelling. This was not an easy process for me. I walked into the class with very little energy and the thought of spending intense energy and lots of time chopping veggies and blending almonds was beyond me for weeks. Little by little, though, things got easier, my energy increased and the itching, sniffling and swelling went away.

I still have fights with my husband who doesn't understand to this day why I will pull apart a perfectly good pizza and enjoy the salad I make more than the crust and cheese of the pizza. Being in Boulder County is a blessing in many ways, because it's easy here to say "Gluten free, please" and know most places understand what you don't want. Other parts of the country are not as aware, but eating a "sandwich" on cabbage or lettuce instead of bread tends to enlighten people as to other ways to do something. Do I long for a donut? Absolutely. But the payoff of nasal drip all night and coughing myself awake after eating one is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. And I'm finding the flours out there that work for me, sans the wheat, and not too many people I cook for notice the difference.

Beyond the dietary advice I've gotten from IHC, I also appreciate the careful chiropractic care I receive from both Deb and Daryl. Their gentle ways and extensive testing help them find the reason why the hip hurts (it's probably in the opposite ankle) and keeps me relaxed enough to accept the adjustment. I've known them for almost 25 years and would never switch to another practitioner without a fight. They've steered me to the perfect shoes, pillow and outlook on eating and staying healthy. They constantly are learning new methods and are open to sharing any of their modalities with me when appropriate. I'll never forget the first time Deb introduced me to the "cat face" when I was down with a sinus infection or a cold. It surprised me a lot, but darn, it worked!

Both doctors are approachable, loving and fun to work with. Plus, the garden is lovely and I appreciate the serenity of the office. -G

I've known Doctor's "Darryl" Hobson and "Deb" Belote for a little over 30 years. During that time they've taken the time to provide personal great care to me whenever I've needed it. Although I see Darryl most often; they both specialize in a "whole life" concept of living and healing.

Their office/property is relaxed and full of life and energy. They take a personalized approach, and have many tools in their boxes. They don't limit their practice to anything other than a complete, holistic approach to finding the right treatment to get you back to a full life, free from pain and energized to move forward facing life's daily challenges.

Many years ago Darryl told me "you don't get sick, you lose your health". Those words have stuck w/me through the years; I took the meaning that each of us have the opportunity to live a healthy life if we make the right choices. Darryl and Deb have always been there to let me know I've possibly slipped off the path or stumbled headlong into the abyss.

Their care provides ways of correcting what "ails" you, while giving the information/treatments/programs to move forward in a positive correct lifestyle to live a healthy, full life.

From a personal standpoint, I've found that whatever the "funk" I've been in, IHC and Darryl/Deb have always figured a way to get me out of it and back on a path of health, with the potential for living life to the fullest (pain free).

They're both "healers" and live their lives accordingly. I don't know if I've met anyone who knows (and is always learning) more about their profession, practices that profession and lives that life anymore/fuller than Darryl and Deb.

They're the best. -SR

"I have been going to Dr. Darryl Hobson for 20 years. He has helped me in literally dozens of ways. Even after leaving the state for work for a few years and then returning, and moving to different parts of the front range, I have continued to return to the office. It is an amazing feeling to know I can find answers to various health issues that traditional medicine would have no ability to help me with, and leave the office with relief from pain, and tools to improve my health as well.

I really appreciate Darryl's combination of intuition and being a healer who truly cares about his patients, along with his impressive knowledge of the body and ability to bridge scientific and medical knowledge as well. I would encourage anyone to seek out the wealth of experience and caring practice that he and Deb provide!" -B

For seven years I had been perpetually ill. During that time frame pneumonia-like conditions were a norm for me and it seemed it took precious little to send me into a downward health spiral. I had already exhausted all the "normal" healthcare channels but to no avail. A friend recommended the Integrated Healthcare Clinic so I gave them a try.

My life changed after the first visit. Dr. Hobson took all aspects of my life into consideration with regards to my well being. At the time I was used to the traditional method of sitting in a waiting room for some time, followed by a brief visit with a doctor (usually a minute or two tops) then a diagnosis followed by drug prescriptions. I was honestly taken aback with the fact that my entire visit was spent with Dr. Hobson. Suggestions on diet, work with applied kinesiology, chiropractic adjustments, Zyto scans, natural botanical medicines and custom orthotics were some of the tools used by Dr. Hobson to start the wonderful process of bringing my health around. But in my mind the most powerful tool that Dr. Darryl and Dr. Deborah possess is their own intuitiveness for helping someone heal. I felt that natural intuitiveness the minute I walked in the door.

It's a wonderful thing to meet people who have found their calling and are doing it with real inspiration. It was doubly wonderful for me to meet the Hobson's whose callings as healers has changed and enriched my life so much. They helped me discover how to take personal responsibility for ALL aspects of my life with health being a part of that whole. They helped me build and become a better more vibrant human being.

I didn't so much as catch a cold for five years after my first visit and I continue on today in the best health I've ever had thanks to the Integrated Healthcare Clinic. -JJ

Dr. Darryl Hobson is my first choice for healthcare. Knowledgeable, experienced, sensitive and caring, Dr. Hobson is the person I call with my health concerns. He has been able to help me through a myriad of issues. From chiropractic adjustments to digestive issues, fatigue and environmental toxins, Dr. Hobson has been very helpful and supportive. I donít know where Iíd be without his attention to detail. -J

It is with great gratitude that I write this testimonial for Dr. Darryl Hobson. There are a few exceptionally influential people in my life. Dr Hobson is one of those individuals.

I have worked with Dr. Hobson since 1994 when he started treating me for knee problems. Since then he helped to optimize my health in a variety of ways. Dr. Hobson has helped to keep me balanced through all the ups and downs of my life that has included 10 years of competitive cycling, international travel to work with traditional indigenous elders, business school, a fast paced career in finance and the recent launch of my own venture in 2011.

His curiosity and capacity to learn new techniques, therapies and approaches has kept pace with my changing health needs and my body is grateful for his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, he has helped me with simple yet powerful thought practices that reshaped my whole being.

Recently I was on 2 months of antibiotics and was working with various allopathic doctors who could not solve an infection. One visit to Dr. Hobson and I was off antibiotics and on the path to health. -SPS

I have been a patient of integrated healthcare for over 23 years. You think after that many years I'd be completely cured! Nevertheless this body has continued to come up with any ongoing health issues. I believe that to obtain excellence as a healthcare practitioner their three main things are required: 1) Knowledge; 2) Dedication; And 3) Heart.

Drs. Hopson and Belote Have a wide range of knowledge including biomechanical/structural approachess; diet/nutritional; detoxification and cleansing processes and protocols; herbal; homeopathic and other energetic therapies and many other modalities.

They are constantly learning and investigating new therapies, modalities, supplements, etc. Many times over the years I have had sudden onset of painful conditions. I have always been able to count on their flexibility and availability to treat me as soon as possible. Their rapid response has been KEY in minimizing the complications for any particular situation. Sometimes less treatment has been more beneficial than more treatment and they are quick to recognize this and provide the appropriate services.

Most important of all is that, that both Deb and Darryl, bring an incredible amount of care compassion and heart to their work. They make their patients feel like part of the family and are always sharing their lives with the lives of their patients. -P

I have been a patient of Dr. Darryl Hobson for many years. I have seen him for back pain and other structural issues. His treatments have always been extremely helpful. Dr. Hobson has always taken the time to fully investigate the causes and solutions for my health issues. Occasionally, his wife, Deborah, who is also a chiropractor, has helped on some of the treatments. Their clinic is beautiful and calming to visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobson for chiropractic care. -SK

Dr. Darryl Hobson is my first choice for healthcare. Knowledgeable, experienced, sensitive and caring, Dr. Hobson is the person I call with my health concerns. He has been able to help me through a myriad of issues. From chiropractic adjustments to digestive issues, fatigue and environmental toxins, Dr. Hobson has been very helpful and supportive. I donít know where Iíd be without his attention to detail. -J


Went to visit Doc Darryl
after a recommend from a friend,
'bout no motion in the shoulder,
since I can't remember when.

Treatments from this great Doc
fully restored the shoulder.
Glad I went to see him
before I got much older.

If ever I feel the pain,
I'll sure see Doc again,
where he'll really do the trick
to get me back in the thick. -GKH

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