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Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care services including Functional Nutrition.

What is Functional Nutrition?

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Functional Nutrition is a field of medicine that is dedicated to an understanding of the interconnection with all life systems that together or in part facilitate Human Wellness.

Our focus and our goal is to evaluate & determine for you:

  • How efficient is your cellular "power plant" at producing the energy of life?
  • If it is not efficient, what can we do to get it right?
  • And how do we keep your wonderful body running at its peak for the rest of your life?


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No two people are alike. Even the most casual inspection reveals a diversity of sizes, shapes, personalities and levels of health. The diversity we can "see" among people merely hints at the incredible, chemical differences inside each of us. These chemical differences necessitate variety in nutritional intake to maintain biochemical balance and assist each person in fully expressing his/her inborn potential.

Your nutritional needs are probably different than those of many people you know. They may even change from what you needed six months ago or will need six months hence.

Understanding the concept of biological individuality can provide a useful insight. Think over what you've heard regarding "ideal diets." Many disciplines advocate an "ideal diet," whether they describe meals high in protein, a complex carbohydrate diet, vegetarian diet, etc. Since everyone is unique, one person's "ideal diet" may either be beneficial to you, or it may be the worst possible choice. What makes the difference is your biologic individuality.

Anthroposophical Medicine Integrated Health Care Clinic

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