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Integrated Health Care Clinic Lab Testing

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care services including Lab Testing.

Lab Testing

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers Applied Kineslology

The standard blood tests are offered, such as CBC, chemical panels, lipid and thyroid tests and so on. IHC also offers unique tests you can't find at a regular doctor's office.

Most tests performed at doctor's offices aim to assess pathology and sickness. They are excellent tools for figuring out if any bodily systems are diseased. With the advent of functional and nutritional medicine, tests have also been developed to identify imbalances and interactions of physiological systems. Rather than wait for disease to strike, integrative physicians can identify and treat a functional imbalance before it becomes a real illness. For chronic conditions, functional laboratory tests can help identify the true cause of dysfunction.

Types of Lab Testing

Immunology Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Immunology Testing

  • Food Antibody Assessment
  • Inhalants Profile
  • 24 Spice Profile
  • Molds Profile
  • Celiac Profile
Immune System Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Nutritional Testing

  • Elemental Analysis
  • Elemental Analysis, Packed Erythrocytes
  • Comprehensive Urine Element Profile
  • Amino Acids Analysis
  • Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis
Endocrine Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Endocrine Testing

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment
  • Bone Resorption Assessment
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile
  • Comprehensive Urinary Hormone Assessments
Immune System Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Toxicity Testing

  • Toxic Element Exposure Profile
  • Toxic Element Clearance Profile
  • Toxic Metals Panel
  • Mercury Speciation testing (Urine, Hair, Blood)
  • Standard Liver Detoxification Panel
Immune System Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Metabolic Testing

  • Metabolic Analysis Profile
  • Cellular Energy Profile
  • Comprehensive Detoxification Profile
  • Oxidative Stress Analysis (Blood & Urine)
  • M.i.N.E. Metabolic Individualized Nutritional Eval
Immune System Testing Integrated Health Care Clinic

Gastrointestinal Testing

  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Comprehensive Parasitology Panel
  • Vaginosis Profile
  • Intestinal Permeability Assessment
  • Bacterial Overgrowth of the Small Intestine
  • Lactose Intolerance Breath Test
  • H. Pylori Antibody Assay

The doctors gather information from a variety of laboratory tests and a long list of laboratories.  As members of two laboratory cooperatives they are able to pass significant discounts onto the patients for certain tests.

Some tests are within mainstream medicine and you can get reimbursed by your insurance.  Other tests are within the functional medicine realm and not covered by insurance.

Our goal is to keep laboratory test prices as low as possible. There are charges for our interpretation and explanation time spent. We feel it is necessary and important for each patient to fully understand the test results and restorative plan based upon them.

A partial list of tests utilized at IHC is:

  • Blood tests for general health and specific health issues like hormones, allergies and immune.
  • Urine tests to determine function of  liver detoxification pathways, organic acids (metabolism)
  • Saliva tests for adrenal function
  • Toxic mercury testing of hair, urine and blood
  • Stool test for digestive function and microorganism detection

We use functional and optimal ranges for interpreting lab tests so we can catch trends or detect disturbances before they become a pathology. We want to reverse the pathways to disease when lifestyle changes and nature medicines can bring about the shift. Disease prevention is healthcare.

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