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Integrated Health Care Clinic Botanical Medicine

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care services including Botanical Medicine.

What is Botanical Medicine?

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers Applied Kineslology

Drs. Hobson and Belote both studied herbology prior to their chiropractic education. At Integrated HealthCare the doctors use botanical (plant-based) medicine from a variety of cultures. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mixes herbs, minerals and animal derivatives in formulation. European (primarily German) formulas are sometimes herbal tinctures mixed with very low potency (1x to 3x) homeopathic remedies (See Homeopathy). Modern botanicals are often a mixture of plants from America, Asia, Europe and India. These formulas can be purely herbal combinations or sometimes are a mixture of herbs and nutrients with synergistic properties.

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