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We have a variety of resources available here at Integrated Health Care Clinic.


Topics geared toward public education on such topics as cholesterol, prostate health, importance of healthy adrenal functioning, and the emotional component to health.

What Gets in the Way?

Topics include modern health hazards such as MSG, Aspartame, Teflon, viral food, and cell phone radiation.

Healthy Living

Topics include common health issues such as cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, weight management, metabolism, feeding children, maintaining a healthy heart and identifying and healing adrenal fatigue.


Custom Orthotics Article


Cancer Prevention - 10 Tips

Cholesterol Part I

Metabolism - Loving Your Metabolism

Prostate Health

Mad for Rejuvenation

Stress - The Adrenal Enemy

Weight Loss and Cleansing


Are my Emotions Making me Sick?

Are Rules Stressing You Out?

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