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Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care services including Acupuncture.


We began working with the principles of acupuncture in the late 70’s with the study of Applied and Clinical Kinesiology.  The core principles of both disciplines incorporate acupuncture energetics in their philosophy and practice. 

It was during our first year of our practice (1984) that we started using needle acupuncture with patients.  I was working with a patient with moderate low back pain.  After finishing the examination and treatment the patient replied, “I feel like you have found the root of my condition, but can you do anything for the pain?”

This was the beginning of the marriage of our eclectic practice of chiropractic (*AK, CK, & CMT) with the ancient art of acupuncture.  We studied with both Japanese and Chinese technique instructors until we felt we had a command of this wonderful healing modality.

In truth, one can never learn enough about this profound healing system.  So we continue to study and practice in wonder and gratitude!

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